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Research & Development

Reliable engineering support throughout the entire product development process.

Receive research and development services in the development of software and hardware, FEM calculations and model-based SW development.


Our research and development service is a perfect solution for businesses, who are looking for full-cycle and long-term support in:

System engineering

Electrical drive and high voltage component engineering​
Design, development, validation and test

E-Machine Design

Electromagnetical design​
Insulation system design​
Mechanical strength calculation​
Thermal modelling
Cooling system design

SW-Development acc. to v-Process

Requirements engineering​
Application software (model-based development)​
SW functions detailed design​
SW architecture​
Drive control
Thermal modelling
Derating functions
SW unit test​
SW release test

Project management

Technical leading​
RFI, RFQ & QnQ support​
Technical project review​
Kaizen Lean


Simulink model for the analysis and development of hybrid and electric vehicle power networks.


Create a model that contains the most significant components of a low voltage electrical network, such as alternator, rectifier, loads and battery, designed in form of sub-models. The power network model had to be designed in such a way that the single sub-models can be adjusted or completely replaced following the modular ideology.

Our work

Based on customer requirements the given excited multiphase synchronous machine model has been created and parametrized. Taking care of the tuning for the excitation current PI controller was taken over by the model-based Software Development team of WiredWhite as well. For the modelling of power electronics, multiple options such as Simscape, SimPowerSystems and Plecs has been considered and closely investigated.

In this model WiredWhite team has examined modelling of every single component such as the sub-model of the alternator and the sub-model of the excitation current control, as well as the functional principle of the vehicle power network while running simulations of automotive-typical test cases or driving cycle.

Finally, the model and the control loop have been verified by comparison of simulation results with the measurement results on a test bench.


The typical use case of starting the engine (mimicked by a DC- electric machine) and impact of low voltage generator on vehicle power network and the voltage stability. Our team has modelled a detailed speed profile of the real drivetrain and captured the excitation and load currents and actual voltages, as well as the generator usage. With the laboratory experiments the team was able to verify the quality of the developed model.


This is just one example of a model-based software development project. Our team can provide you a tailor-made decision in the software development for automotive applications.


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Research and Development

Hardware development project: electric machine design of a claw-pole alternator.


Create an electric machine design of a claw-pole alternator with a delta-connected six-phase stator winding, rotor winding with the current control and two passive rectifiers.

Our work

The model had to be co-simulated with the model of the power electronics.

Relatively large nominal and maximum speed of the application makes the FEM simulation task more complicated and requires consideration and subsequent investigation of the proximity and skin effects in the stator winding of the machine.

The rotor design considers magnets between-claws, to compensate the leakage flux of the claws and for the enhancing of the main flux of the stator winding.


Based on the created 3D FEM co-model, the behaviour of the automotive six-phase claw-pole alternator and power electronics in the vehicle power network has been investigated. In addition to the FEA, Matlab Simulink models of power electronics, electrical machine and other power network components have been parametrized to provide a detailed analysis of a vehicle power network.


With regards to e-machines, beside the electromagnetic design our team can also support you with insulation system design, mechanical strength analysis and calculation, thermal modelling and cooling system design.

E-Machine Design

The budget

Budget planing is important. Here a preview of research and development hourly rates.

System engineering

140 Hourly rate
  • Requirement engineering
  • Architecture layout
  • Integration & test

E-machine design

120 Hourly rate
  • Hardware specification
  • FEA & CAD
  • Prototyping & validation

Software development

100 Hourly rate
  • Model-based development
  • Detailed design
  • Module & unit verifications

Project management

150 Hourly rate
  • Agile SCRUM
  • Kaizen Lean
  • V-Process

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