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For Customers


What is WiredWhite?

We are a network of passionate engineers who offer valuable services on the edge of technology in the fields of: electrical engineering, electric machine design, drive control, image processing, programming, robotics, mechatronics etc. We have joined our individual Superpowers to follow the mission of spreading e-mobility by providing educational services, tailored solutions and consulting.

I would like to request technical support to help me with my task. What should I do?

Please send us a description of your task and inform us about the deadline. We will come up with a commercial offer after receiving this information from you. Use your preferable communication channel for doing so:

What does “Money Back Guarantee” mean?

We are convinced in the quality of our services, thus for customer´s turnkey solutions we offer our customers an option for refund. In this case you need  to request the refund | money back within 14 days upon the order. Although every case is considered individually, please kindly have an understanding that money back guarantee can not be applied in every case e.g. for already completed tutoring lessons. In case of any doubts please write a message to WiredWhite.

Is reliable?

Absolutely! The founder of is a PhD degree holder in electrical engineering. The core team consist of highly qualified top notch experts from their respective fields. Most of our expert team members and WiredWhite partners have multiple years of relevant industry experience. We have dozens of successfully completed projects and happy customers. Check for yourself our reviews. Also, we are present on social networks such as LinkedIn or YouTube where you can have some more insights about our company.

How can I leave feedback or a review?

We are constantly improving ourselves and we appreciate if you would like to leave us your feedback. Just go to our home page and press on LEAVE A REVIEW. At the end a surprise awaits you: you will receive a Coupon Code for your next purchase and an instruction on how to get some money back.


How to get in touch with the team?

On our contact page you can schedule a free consultation call with our expert team.

Furthermore you can always write us a message via email, WhatsApp, Telegram or LinkedIn.

For more details kindly see:

How can I reach out to the partner which is currently working on my task?

For that purpose, please use the discussion thread within the project.


What payment methods are available?

You can pay via Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Alternatively, Klarna Sofort payment is possible. 

When should I pay for my private tutoring?

Already scheduled private tutoring sessions should be paid prior to the session.

How can I make a payment of a non-standard amount?

Please use the “individual request” option and enter a flexible amount

Wired Buddy

Do you have a referral or loyalty program?

Indeed! We offer our loyal customers and partners the WiredWhite affiliate program called “Wired Buddy“. For every new order that has been completed using your individual referral link that has been generated by you, you as “Wired Buddy” will be rewarded. For more details about WiredWhite affiliate program head over to

Once you have requested and been approved for the affiliate program, you can generate your individual referral link going to your affiliate dashboard Simply generate the referral link, share it within your social network and friends, lean back & earn money!

For Partners


What is the “Hyper Care Phase”?

The HyperCare Phase is the period of time that lasts for 2 weeks, where the customer can ask some questions back and solve all remaining unclarities. For more details please head over to:

How long does it usually take till I receive the coins and they appear in my user profile?

In case of a Private Tutoring usually within 2 business days; in case of a Project your Coins will be credited within 2 business days after the end of project´s hypercare phase.

Will I get the coins automatically after finishing the task or do i need to apply for coins or request coins somewhere?

Yes, the coins will be assigned automatically to your profile after accomplishing a project.

How can I get my coins paid out?

All your coins are being automatically paid out with an exchange rate 1coin=1Euro at the end of every calendar month, once you have finalized your account settings as described here: 

After my application, I have been added to the project, what are the next steps?

After your application has been successful you will be added into the project. We at WiredWhite execute our projects with the greatest care and highly satisfactionally for our customers. Very briefly described the project execution consist of:

  • understanding the task,
  • solving the task,
  • creating the report,
  • presenting the results to the customer &
  • maintaining the project during the hypercare phase.
  • booking your spent hours on each task you were working on.

Once the hypercare phase has ended, the project is being considered as “completed”. For more details see our blog post:  

If you still need support please write a message to WiredWhite

When is the project being considered as “completed”?

The project is completed when you have finished the task, wrote a report, introduced the results to the customer in a short online meeting and successfully led the project through the hypercare phase. For more details head over to the blog article: If you still need support please write a message to WiredWhite

How to apply for a Job?

Once a new job post has been created, you, as a Wired Coworking Partner, will be automatically notified via email with the job post link. Please get yourself familiar with the job description and the required deadlines. If it fits you, feel free to apply by clicking on “Apply for job” button, it is really convenient! For more details on how to apply for a job, please refer to our article:

How the project management is done at WiredWhite?

For task description and tracking we use “Task Lists” and “Kanban Board”. For the entire project communication we use only exclusively the dedicated “Discussions” thread inside of every project. For files exchange we use a project tab “Files”. For more details see: In case of any doubts please write a message to WiredWhite

How to organize an online meeting with the customer?

Every project gets its own meeting room assigned. The link to the meeting room is posted under the project “Discussions”. Once you and the customer have agreed on the exact time for the online call, use the meeting link to join the call. For more details please see: If you still need support please write a message to WiredWhite

Wired Coworking

How can I access the password protected articles in “Category: How Tos”?

You have received your password via email together with the job posting. Please search in your e-mail Inbox for “Your individual not transferable password to all our How Tos articles”. If you still need support please write a message to WiredWhite

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