About us

About us

Meet the founder team of WiredWhite.

We are a team of passionate, well-educated and experienced experts, who joined their individual superpowers to follow the mission of spreading e-mobility by providing educational services, tailored solutions and consulting with the help of our professional partner network. 

What we do

We’ve developed a unique eco-system where professionals from the field of electrical engineering, robotics, IT and other related fields have joined. In addition to that, within this eco-system we use a smart project management work space with powerful tools to help you solve your individual needs the most lean, agile & effective way.

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WiredWhite - Full-Cycle Electrical Engineering Services.

Why we do it

Our mission is to accelerate and optimize the diffusion of electrification worldwide. We believe that this is possible through the enablement of global cooperation and knowledge sharing.

#Digitalization #Industry4.0 #PaaS #Future

Meet the Team of WiredWhte
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