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Join our engineering & IT learning platform.

On our learning platform you will meet hundreds of qualified experts in various fields of engineering and IT who are eager to share their knowledge with you. You can either take everything in your own hands and organize your tutoring with our free of charge Basic Membership or choose the Premium Membership for 24/7 all round support from the team of WiredWhite.

Basic Membership

For self-motivated learners

0€/ month

WiredWhite Customer

How it works

Choose, collaborate, succeed.

With the Basic Membership you have free access to our network of experts. Just pick the one who fits best to your requirements, start a conversation and if everything suits you, make use of our collaboration tools to get things done. 

Here’s a step by step guide:

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Our Tutors speak many different languages

  • Learning platform & network access

  • Customer protection

  • Access to technical articles

  • Partner proficiency: Basic & Lead Partner

  • Support answering time: within 1 week

  • 7-days HyperCare Phase

What's included

All you need to succeed in studies.

Our Basic Membership grants you access to all tools that you need to succeed in your studies. Whether it is a one time Private Tutoring or an ongoing mentoring – it’s up to you.

Premium Membership

For quality & speed

30€/ month

How Premium works

Contact us and lean back.

A Premium Membership gives you access to even more tools and what’s most important to our devoted support and quality control. With the Premium Membership you can always stay cool, as we always have a solution.

Here’s a step by step guide:

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Get in touch

Contact us with a description of your problem. Therefore use the support portal available only to Premium customer on the left hand side of the menu. The more details you provide us from the beginning, the faster we can assist you!


After a first contact with each other and a cost estimation from our side, you will need to place an order in the store of our WiredWhite profile.

Project start

After successful payment, you will receive an invitation to join your project dashboard, in order to overview the project progress. From now on, all interaction happens within the Project Management Dashboard.

Get results

Receive your ordered service and enjoy your difficulties being solved. The projects stay open for 14-days, where you have the possibility to get back and ask questions.

As a Premium Member you enjoy a 14-days money back guarantee for turnkey solutions.

  • Learning platform & network access

  • Customer protection

  • Access to technical articles

  • Project management by WiredWhite

  • Kanban, File Manager, Discussions, Meeting Rooms

  • Partner selection by WiredWhite

  • Partner proficiency: Basic & Lead Partner

  • Support answering time: within 24 hours

  • 14-days HyperCare Phase

  • Quality control by WiredWhite

  • All courses from WiredWhite School (coming soon)

  • Support 24/7

  • 14-days money back for turnkey solutions

What's included

All you need to rock it.

With our Premium Membership we free up your valuable time of organizing your tutoring. All you need to do is to provide us with a detailed description of your needs and we do the rest.

Still have a question?

Our professional team is here to answer all of them. Use the contact form on our contact page or write us via WhatsApp or Telegram.

PS: Bring a friend and earn money.

Recommend WiredWhite using a generated URL in your account and be rewarded by receiving 10%.

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