Perspectives and Opportunities in The Field of E-Mobility

Perspectives and Opportunities in The Field of E-Mobility

This article gives a definition to the term “e-mobility”, briefly explains the perspectives and opportunities in the field of e-mobility and provides an understanding about the future roles of businesses and governments in the expansion of e-mobility.

E-mobility, a broad term is associated with the area of mobilization of masses through electric vehicles, the infrastructure associated with it and the integration of the vehicles with the power grid. This also points toward the recent shift from fossil fuel to electric drive vehicles. The source of electricity can be from the renewable resource or just a home plug working at the back with coal-fired power plants, but the drive of using renewable energies does prevail in general.

The area itself is quite prospective and is about to grow in near future. According to the Global Electric Vehicle Outlook 2022 report, electric car sales reached a new high of 6.6 million in 2021, doubling the previous year’s total. China saw the most growth, with sales nearly tripling to 3.3 million, while Europe and the United States also saw strong increases. Electric car ownership on the road reached 16.5 million by the end of 2021, which is triple the amount from 2018. Chinese electric cars are typically smaller, which has helped lower the price gap between them and traditional cars, which is not the case in other countries. Electric car sales have been slower in developing countries where options are limited and prices are still too high for most consumers.

Open fronts in the e-mobility industry, encompasses the production and sales of electric vehicles and the development of charging infrastructure, which give motivation to investors for investing in this area. Opportunities include affordable electric vehicle manufacturing, deployment of effective charging infrastructure, raw materials production and mining, battery recycling and even government funding opportunities for improvements through industry-academical partnerships. Moreover, sustainability and policies will be the main focus at the government level, whereas business development and sales will be majorly addressed by the private sector.

As a whole, the market for electric vehicles will expand in near future and will present sufficient opportunities for fresh graduates to enter and make their mark and career. If you are interested in engineering and agree about the described perspectives and opportunities in the field of e-mobility, then we highly recommend studying Electrical Engineering.

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