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WiredWhite uses Stripe as the payment gateway. To get payouts and connect your Wired Coworking Account / Partner Profile with our payment system using Stripe Connect feature, you need to create your own Stripe account as well.

Create your Stripe account and link to Stripe Connect

For doing so please use our Stripe Connect Link or go to the Stripe website and register.

Stripe is currently supported in 47 countries. Please see the list bellow:

Source: https://stripe.com/global (19. October 2022)

Stripe is not supported in some countries (for example, Pakistan, Ukraine, Panama and others). However, you can still use stripe for your payouts in Wired Coworking 

How to create a Stripe account in a country where Stripe is not supported

The Wise Account does really simplify things. The Wise Account is free. All you need to do to get started is to register yourself on the official website or using our LINK

What is Wise and why we recommend our Coworking Partners using Wise?

Wise is a London-based fintech company that makes receiving payments from all over the world very easy. You will get the UK account number, Euro IBAN or US routing number that you can use as domestic alike bank account in your Stripe account, which is needed for our payment gateway.

For example, with a German bank account number, you can easily create a Stripe account and start receiving Coworking Program payouts immediately.

Are there countries that are NOT supported by Wise?

There are fairly few countries that are currently not supported by Wise, but the list is much shorter than Stripe’s list.  

The list for unsupported countries can be found on their official website here: Why can’t I open a Wise balance? | Wise Help Centre

Is Wise reliable?

We’ve used Wise here at WiredWhite to payout our overseas partners without an issue.  Read reviews on Wise on TrustPilot or Monito.

Source: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/wise.com (19. October 2022)

Does Wise support Stripe?

Yes, Wise even has written a post in the help centre about it, please see here: How do I receive money from Stripe? | Wise Help Centre.

All steps:

  1. Please create a Wise Account
  2. Once you’ve created Wise account, link it to your local bank account of choice.  Add the currencies you would like to receive.
  3. Then, add the countries in which you’d like to get local bank details.  You can choose USA if its available in your country; If USA isn’t available, simply choose Europe and automatically get access to a German IBAN bank account number and SWIFT code.
  4. Next step is to create your own Stripe account and use that bank account details that you received in Wise as your bank details.  Make sure that your name in Wise account and Stripe account exactly matches.  If it doesn’t, this will not work.
  5. After you have successfully created your own Stripe account, you can now link your WiredWhite account with your Stripe account using Stripe Connect button.

When the stripe connect is completed, your entire Coins balance is normally being paid out automatically at the end of each calendar month.

If you have any doubts or facing any problems, please do not hesitate to give WiredWhite a message.

Other Tips:

  • The Stripe currency shall match the one you’ll be receiving on Wise. Use either USD, EUR or NZD; Exchange it once it’s transferred to your Wise account. Transfers in other currencies might fail.
  • In the address field in Stripe account, you won’t be able to add your own country from the drop-down menu. It is better to enter your own address details, but select the country and region location of your foreign bank account that you have chosen in Wise.


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