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In this article we discuss the importance of online tutoring and coaching from engineering experts. As well as, how it can positively impact your career choice or even help you with your study at university.

The world of electrical and mechanical engineering is a highly technical one, and so is software engineering. There are many challenges that both the engineers and software experts face at the workplace or during their study. However, with the right amount of support, these challenges can be overcome. Support may come in different forms, such as peer support or private tutoring by colleagues through discussions. Alternatively through access to online tutoring services from professionals in electrical, mechanical and computer engineering or software engineering. The role of an engineer or software developer changes over time. As you progress in your career, you will encounter new challenges. Therefore, finding mentors or private tutors who can guide you through these changing times is important for success.

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What is online private tutoring and coaching from engineering experts?

Private Tutoring is an excellent option for those who want to gain an in-depth understanding of a subject while receiving personalized assistance. Private Tutoring is the process of receiving guidance and assistance from others who have experience and knowledge in this particular task. Today this became possible through online video conferencing where a tutor can provide one-on-one assistance to a student or young professional. Typically, Private Tutoring happens as a result of a shared concern, experience or problem, working together on finding the right solution.

Why is Private Tutoring Important?

Why is investing in yourself and in your education utilizing Private Tutoring so important? A supportive, encouraging and empathetic environment can boost confidence and help you to succeed. Private tutoring can be a great way to find new solutions to problems and boost productivity. It can also help you to build stronger relationships with your supervisor or your colleagues to express your competence in a new way. Peer support can also help you to develop as a professional and help you to progress in your career or with your learning process. As you progress through your study and career, new challenges will come up and you will need to find ways to overcome them. Having a supportive peer, a private tutor who can offer advice and guidance through these challenges can be vital for success.

As an engineer, you are constantly learning new skills and trying to stay ahead of your peers. Professionally, this can be particularly challenging, as engineers must be able to solve problems and create new and useful products and services. This requires a lot of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking that are not commonly taught in schools. Many engineers are eager to learn how they can use their new skills to overcome these challenges and thrive professionally. Private online tutoring can help engineers improve their skills and knowledge, allowing them to succeed in engineering careers and in their personal lives.

Who can profit from our Private Tutoring service?

The online coaching and tutoring services offered by WiredWhite provide support for any skill level or area of expertise for a variety of applications, including automotive applications and electric vehicles, e-cars, mHEV, sHEV, PHEV, E-REV, BEV; aviation and space applications (e-aerospace) and commercial vehicle applications (e-bus & e-truck), renewable energy sources like wind turbines, fuel cells, solar power systems, industrial automation equipment, medical devices, energy systems and even consumer electronics like smartphones and tablets.

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Most of our WiredWhite experts are Doctors of Engineering with tremendous industry experience. We have strong competencies in structural analysis, fluid analysis and electromagnetism. We support our customers with their university exercise tasks, bachelor’s degree thesis, master’s degree thesis and preparation for exams.

Our tutors provide all-round carefree support for electrical engineers, especially with hardware development topics like electrical drive and electric machine development, e-motor and generator design (PMSM, IPM, ASM), FEA or FEM analysis with Ansys Maxwell 2D 3D, Motor-CAD or FEMAG & analytical modeling with Matlab, drive control tasks and model-based development with Matlab M-files, Simulink, Simscape and power electronics layout and electric circuits design how to questions.

Many of our private tutors have over 10 years industry experience and offer competent support for engineers. Thereby, different MathWorks tools are used that help to complete tasks in image and video processing, robotics, automation, dSPACE ControlDesk model development and control algorithms like MTPA MTPF and field-oriented drive control.

Besides, for computer and software engineers we have very experienced tutors who can help with C, C++, Java, Python, Visual Basic and other coding tasks.

For mechanics / mechatronics engineers and mechanical engineering teams our private tutoring experts support with Catia, Ansys COMSOL Multiphysics.

You can select a program that best suits your needs. Whether it be one-on-one mentoring, mentored project assignments, private tutoring on the WiredWhite platform. Our tutoring service is remote. This way you can choose to have a tutor lead you over our integrated online meeting system.

Why choose us?

WiredWhite provides a unique coworking eco system with a strong focus on learning. Furthermore, this is round up with an integrated project management platform with multiple tools like Kanban board, Gantt chart, integrated Files management, online meeting rooms and many other essential features.

Moreover, our tutors are industry experts with PhDs or Master’s Degrees or have years of experience in their respective industries. Our tutors have been trained to make sure that their guidance is accurate and helpful to their students. They have been carefully selected based on factors such as their expertise, availability, and the student’s needs. These factors help make sure that the tutors make the best use of their time and help students to the best of their ability.

At WiredWhite, we offer a suite of online tutoring and coaching services, some of which are exclusive to our platform. Additionally, we also offer a comprehensive set of mentorship programs, ensuring that students have the support they need to succeed.

Online private tutoring by WiredWhite is an eye-opening experience. Before committing to a lesson, make use of our Free Consultation Call with any tutor of your choice. In addition to that, we offer full customer Fraud Protection. Hence, making a purchase via our platform guarantees you a refund in case of a problem with your chosen tutor.


Private tutoring is a very different concept to professional development and team building. Here we learn new skills to help us become better at our jobs and improve working together more effectively. The right amount of peer support can inspire and help you to make the most of your time at work. With the right peer support, you can make the most of your opportunity university and move forward in your career.

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